Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I cannot post pictures from my computer to Blogger!

I don't know if Google has changed how you can upload pictures to Blogger.  I used to upload my pictures from my pc.  I was given a button to browse to where my picture was on my pc.  Well, as of yesterday it is NOT giving me that option.  It appears they are trying to force me to create a Picasa Web Account and store my pictures there before I can upload a picture.

Has anyone noticed this or am I an anomally?

Any help would be appreciated!



UPDATE: I checked the Google "issues" area of Blogger and found out there was an issue for those folks who use Internet Explorer!  When I downloaded Chrome and used that browser, I got the ability back to post pictures from my pc!  Go Figure!


Chris said...

Thanks for the info! It has been making me crazy :)

Brenda said...

I was having the SAME ISSUE. However, the other day I clicked on the "HTML" button on the side and I could upload my pics that way. It just comes in up "computer language" and I have to preview them before I push send to make sure I have the correct picture to post.

I had DH to download Google Chrome also. I have not tried posting using Google Chrome. I will try later on today.

Brenda said...

I just uploaded something to my blog using Google Chrome. Worked perfectly for me now! Go figure but I'm THRILLED to get it to working also!