Monday, January 21, 2013

Emma Miles 1848 - 1/20/2013 Progress Pic

Good Morning, Everyone!

I thought I would post a progress picture on Emma Miles 1848.  I worked on her a bit this week.  I took a little side detour with the Wynter Peacocks Sewing Pocket Project.  However, I was able to make some good progress.

I think I will work on Emma for another week and then I will switch back to Ann Bowers.  I am a bit ahead in the SAL and I think I want to continue on with Emma for a bit more....I will reach the over one part this, it will be slow going!

Please forgive the unpressed nature of my piece. I didn't have time this morning to press her....but you can get a decent idea how I have progressed!

Happy Stitches,



Margaret said...

Emma is beautiful, Holly! As for ironing -- pshaw! What's an iron? lol!

Nicola said...

I never iron my work Holly I would be far too worried in case I did something silly and burnt it. Emma looks so beautiful.