Monday, February 25, 2013

Manifesto Sunday #3 & Ann Bowers Sampler Progress

Good Morning, Everyone!

Two weeks to Daylight Savings Time....Hurry Up!

I spent yesterday (Sunday) on The Manifesto! I thought I would just breeze through all the background work!  Unfortunately, that was not the case.  I will have another Sunday of background work!  I refuse to go to the next page chart until it is all done!  I know if I start skipping ahead, I will only want to stitch the objects and not want to do the background....if I do that, I will never finish this sampler!

Below is my progress from yesterday:

I also worked on my Ann Bowers Sampler during last week.  I am making progress and I just love this sampler.  Here ya go:

Well, that is all for now, I will touch base next Monday!

Happy Stitches,


Monday, February 18, 2013

The Manifesto - Sunday #2

I stitched most of Sunday away on "The Manifesto".  Sunday is the only day I will be stitching on this one.

It takes a toll on my stitching, one day it is!

I am enjoying this.  I am not enjoying how my DMC thread likes to knot!  I think I may have to crack open my Thread Heaven!

Stitching on silk gauze is much like doing needlepoint on a very small scale.

Tell me what you think:)

Happy Stitches,


Monday, February 11, 2013

WTNT Valentine Boxes

Here is just a quick post to show my Valentine Boxes. The chart is by With Thy Needle and Thread (Brenda Gervais).

I haven't done the finishing on the other pieces yet.

Happy Valentine's Day,


Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Manifesto - Started it Today

With all of the talk about Scarlet Letter's Manifesto, I figured I would jump into fray!

Since the whole piece is stitched, I thought it would be the right opportunity to do a "big" silk gauze piece! So, I purchased the chart, a large piece of 40 count silk gauze (14 inches by 19 inches) and mounted it on stretcher bars. I locked it in my Lowery Stand and I was cooking with gas today!

I used over 120 tacks to get this puppy mounted! I will be stitching this piece only on Sundays! I have several other Sampler SAL's I am committed to...

Here is a close-up of what I have done so far.  I put my needle minder next to it so you could get an idea of the size of the sun!

It is going to take a very, very long time to complete it piece, but I will try to make slow and steady progress one Sunday at a time!

Happy Stitches,


Monday, February 4, 2013

Detour - WTNT's Valentine Sampler

I took a short detour from stitching samplers...I received my chart and threads for WTNT's Valentine Sampler last week. So, I searched my stash for the 40 ct. R & R Expresso linen.  I had a small piece.  Just enough to do the scissor fob, pincushion and small thimble box. When I completed those, I found some 40 ct. WDW linen to stitch the large sewing box and sewing roll.

I searched for the Glidden Paint testers that Brenda talked about at my local Walmart.  They didn't have the colors she suggested...So, I picked up some others.  You can see in the picture the colors I have painted them.

I'm not too concerned about having two different color linens.  I will be "aging" them with Walnut Ink Crystals when I am done.

This week I need to get back to Ann Bowers Sampler!

Happy Stitches,