Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Liberty Hill Halloween Tray and Scissor Block

Every Halloween I purchase the item that Liberty Hill comes out with for the season. This year it is a tray and scissors block! I really like it! It's very functional! I even have those spider web scissors that are shown in the block!

I haven't decided what to stitch up for Halloween yet...Every year I do at least one Halloween piece....If you have any small size suggestions, please leave me a comment. I did do the Primitive Hare's "Witch" Keychain. You can see a picture of that on a previous post!

Friday, September 16, 2011

My Yo-Yo Pincushion

Yesterday my guild (Virginia Guild of Needlewomen) started the new year! Our program was to make a Yo-Yo Sachet! I've never made a Yo-Yo, of course, I had signed up for the project. What a simple and fun class to take! I was almost able to finish it in class! The project called for a blanket stitched edge....I had just recently purchased some scalloping edged scissors and I thought this project would be great to try them out! So, instead of the blanket stitched edge, I scalloped the edges and did a running stitch to close!

Thanks Sharon and Laura for a wonderful class!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sorry to be gone so long.....

What a busy summer I have had! I'm sorry to have been gone so long...I have been making use of my time though! In the picture above, there are three quick projects I have recently done.
The biscornu on the spool is a Sue Hillis Class Project. She came to my guild's (Gentle Pursuits EGA) Christmas in August event. Sue is a delightful teacher and we had fun stitching up this lovely project. I was able to complete it within a week of the class!
The wooden thread keeper is an Erica Micheal's pattern done on 40 count silk gauze. I put it on this cute thread board that I had purchased awhile back. The threads are Belle Soie.
Last, but not least is a little keychain I whipped up this morning. The "witch" chart is a freebie from The Primitive Hare. I ran to Walmart this morning to pick up a key chain fob for it...and I found these cute round charms to add! What do you think? The Thread is WDW Charcoal and the linen is a 40 count scrap from a grab bag purchase from Vikki Clayton's HDF website!
I must have been having lots of fun while I was away!