Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm working on some small projects!

Here are a couple off small projects I'm working on:

First is JBW's Pumpkin...I've completed the stitching and I will be making it into a pinkeep like the Quaker one on the right! What fabric should I pick out to back my pinkeep...There are three Blackbird Designs Fabrics shown....Which one do you like?

Next, I"ve finished the stitching on MiLady's Cottage Charm Needlebook! I need to go out and buy some DMC floss for the cording......The light colored fabric is for the lining of the needlebook. The alphabet fabric is for the bag to put your needlebook in and the dark color fabric is for the lining of the bag! I hope you like it! I will pot completed pictures when I'm done!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Here is a little ditty I did recently....

Here is an extra large Altoid Tin I did for my guild's (Gentle Pursuits EGA - Richmond, VA) President's Challenge. I covered the altoid tin with a modifid version of Brightneedle's Key West Sampler. That is on the top and not pictured. The inside is a modified version of Brightneedle's "Under the Sea" sampler. I tufted the inside top of the tin and inserted a antique mother of pearl fish thread winder, a bone ribbon threader and a 2.5" pair of scissors with crystal stone scissor fob with a flip-flop charm. I also made a modified Merry Cox "Sailor's Huswife Ditty" chatelaine. I made a thimble bucket (anchor) and placed an albalone thimbe in the bucket. I did a blackwork fish pin keep and attached a bone carved fish needlecase.

I had loads of fun stitching this up and it was difficult to give away.....I think because I put so much of myself in it!

I hope you like it!


Wow, Where have I been?

It's been way too long since I last posted! What have I been doing????? Well, I've been to Christmas in Williamsburg (12/08) Jackie DuPlessis's Carried Away Piece, Merry Cox's Mystery Class at Jeannine's (2/09), Merry Cox's online Class "Americana Sewing Case" (1/09), Sherrie Jone's Hare Pyn's Class in Williamsburg (2/09) and Debbie Stiehler's Patriotic Biscornu Class at my EGA Guild in Richmond!

Have I finished any of these project's? Well, sort of....I've finished the stitching on Americana Sewing Case and Hare Pyns, but I have done the finishing yet....I need to get back to my "Finishing Sundays". On the Debbie Stiehler piece (canvaswork), I've completed the stitching on the top and I'm stitching on the bottom piece. I haven't started Merry's Mystery Piece, but I just love it! For Jackie's, I'm in a holding pattern.

I have also taught several classes for the two guilds I belong to. I taught a class on making a mattress pincushion to Gentle Pursuits EGA. I taught the Virginia Guild of Needlewomen a class on making scrimshawed rulers on piano keys and taught a class on making biscornus.

So, you see, I haven't been stagnant!

When I get a moment, I will post some pictures of my shenanigans!