Friday, October 29, 2010

TGIF! It's finally feels like fall in the mid-atlantic!

Well, here in the mid-atlantic region it hasn't been feeling much like fall! We have been in the 80's all week! It has finally cooled off a bit and we have a frost warning for tonight! Alleluia!

Queenstown Samplers have come out with a new reproduction sampler - the Elizabeth J. M. Mears 1833 Sampler! What a looker! The sampler hails from Virginia, Accomack County on the Eastern Shore to be precise! I just recently purchased the sampler and the needlepoint silks needed to stitch it from Attic Needlework! I LOVE that store!

I plan to have a wall in my house dedicated to Virginia Samplers....I'm currently working on two, have finished one and I am about to start Miss Elizabeth Mears! The two I am working on are the Sarah McPhail and Anna Maria Clarke (the Richmond Sampler). The one I have completed is the Mary Pierce Sampler that hangs in Wilton House.

I about to start a pre-stitch on Sherri Jones' The Blue Ribbon Box and in about a month I will be doing a pre-stitch on her Long Pocket! I love her projects!!!!! She is an awesome very talented!

I just took a class from Betsy Morgan in September - The Mermaid Stitching Bag!

Do you think I am over projected? I do!

I just can't help myself! Do you ever feel that way?

The picture posted is the Elizabeth Mears Sampler.....

Until next time......


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Can you guess what I'm stitching?

I am stitching up a President's Mystery Project for my guild...the Virginia Guild of Needlewoman. It's based on an antique stitching small....can you guess what it is going to be?