Friday, October 29, 2010

TGIF! It's finally feels like fall in the mid-atlantic!

Well, here in the mid-atlantic region it hasn't been feeling much like fall! We have been in the 80's all week! It has finally cooled off a bit and we have a frost warning for tonight! Alleluia!

Queenstown Samplers have come out with a new reproduction sampler - the Elizabeth J. M. Mears 1833 Sampler! What a looker! The sampler hails from Virginia, Accomack County on the Eastern Shore to be precise! I just recently purchased the sampler and the needlepoint silks needed to stitch it from Attic Needlework! I LOVE that store!

I plan to have a wall in my house dedicated to Virginia Samplers....I'm currently working on two, have finished one and I am about to start Miss Elizabeth Mears! The two I am working on are the Sarah McPhail and Anna Maria Clarke (the Richmond Sampler). The one I have completed is the Mary Pierce Sampler that hangs in Wilton House.

I about to start a pre-stitch on Sherri Jones' The Blue Ribbon Box and in about a month I will be doing a pre-stitch on her Long Pocket! I love her projects!!!!! She is an awesome very talented!

I just took a class from Betsy Morgan in September - The Mermaid Stitching Bag!

Do you think I am over projected? I do!

I just can't help myself! Do you ever feel that way?

The picture posted is the Elizabeth Mears Sampler.....

Until next time......


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Margaret said...

Holly, I would love to see pics of all your samplers and projects. I do love that new Queenstown piece too. It's beautiful!