Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Progress on Elizabeth J. M. Mears Sampler

I've enjoyed stitching on Elizabeth. I haven't made too much progress, but at least I can see how all the colors are melding together!

I'm stitching on 36 count, rather than 32 count that is called for on the pattern. I'm stitching on Lakeside Linen Vintage Examplar with the called for Needlepoint Inc. Silks:) Just lovely.

I understand Ellen Chester of With My Needle is doing this sampler as one of her Stitch-a-Longs for 2011. Great choice, Ellen!

Happy Stitches,



Melissa said...

Holly, I will look forward to seeing your progress. It's a beautiful design and you're off to a great start!

Ellen said...

For shame, Holly. You have lead me astray. I have just finished pulling the threads (only need to buy a couple). Next, I need to cut the linen...mine is 32-count Examplar.

You are making great progress so far.

Glenna said...

Elizabeth J.M.M. is at my LNS, awaiting pickup. I don't think I'll put it in my huge rotation yet, but I am really enjoying watching your progress.

donnatl2004 said...

Great start Holly I have the chart npi is coming and I have the fabric I am looking forward to stitching this after seeing your start..Donna

Michele said...

That looks beautiful!