Monday, December 31, 2012

A 2013 SAL Start - Ann Bowers Sampler

As mentioned in yesterday's post, I have signed up to participate in Attic Needlework's SAL of Examplarery's Ann Bowers Sampler.

I started early, two days ago...Below is my progress through last night.  I had stitched most of the day yesterday until the Redskins-Cowboys Football game!  The 'Skins are my team!  I had to watch every minute....I'm so happy they didn't blow it at the end:) HTTR! (Hail to the Redskins)

I am going to like the Ann Bowers Sampler.  I got the 35 count silk kit.  My husband gave it to me for my Christmas present this year!  Thank-you, Honey;)

Does anyone know if Attic Needlework will have a blog or Yahoo group for this SAL?  Does Jean want us to send her progress pic's.  I have never done a SAL with Attic Needlework before.

Thanks for stopping by:)

Tomorrow, I will start my Scarlet Letter Sampler....Emma Miles.  I have the chart and silks.  I have tons of linen...I'm not yet sure what linen I will pick....stay tuned...I'll let you know tomorrow:)

Happy New Year!


Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Little Progress Update - Merry Cox Piece

One of the classes that I took in Williamsburg at the first of the month was a sweet piece by Merry Cox called "A Young Lady's Workbox".

I've completed the stitching for the Pin Keep, Pincushion and the Workbox Case.  It's going to be a quick piece....and that is saying a lot for a Merry Cox piece.  I see myself wrapping this one up at the end of January 2013.

I have also committed myself to two SAL's for 2013.  Of course, the Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year SAL (I'm stitching Emma Miles) and Attic Needleworks SAL on Examplarery's Ann Bowers Sampler.

Below is my 12/9/2012 progress picture on the Merry Cox Piece:

Tomorrow, I will show you my progress on Ann Bowers....