Monday, August 30, 2010

....trying again

I did a little Goggle Search on how to move pictures within a blog post...let's see if this works...I have my doubts!

Here are some pics of recent framings...

Blackbird Designs Summer Jubilee:

Prairie Schooler's Halloween Sampler (I can't remember the official name of it):

Here is M. M. 1938 Little Red Sampler:


Drawn Thread's Sanctuary:


Lastly, I am working on a Bargello piece for my mom...I'm going to place it on a Sudberry Footstool:

And one more thing...Here is an update on Plum Street's Olga:

I think I have the technique now for putting the pictures where I want them...For anyone that is interested, drop me a comment on my site and I tell you how I did it...


Back from the Framer (Picture Heavy).....

I have been a busy girl! Last weekend I ran down to Virginia Beach to pick up some items I had framed! It's nice to have them home. I'll be sharing some of the pictures with you in a moment. I also, started my Quaker Wall. It's in my TV Room at home. We have 10 foot ceilings in that room and I have plenty of space to add some more....On the right hand side of the wall, I am saving space for Needleprint's Beatrix Potter and Ann Trump....These are in verious stages of completeness!

These pictures never show up where I place them....can someone give me a hand on that?

Here is another angle of the wall: I thought the picture would land here, but it's up top....I don't get it!

Anyways, here are some more pictures of some items I have stitched over the years that have just been framed:

Let's try the picture posting thing again.......Now, this was to be Blackbird Designs Summer's up top, go figure!
Before I post anymore pictures...I need to figure this out...I'll be back!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's time for a New Stitch!

I have just completed my model stitching and it is now time to start a new "quick" stitch before I get back to Essamplaire's Richmond Sampler. Do you want to know what my quick stitch is going to be? It's Plum Street's Olga! I'm in the mood for a fall/fun design and this fits the bill!

I will be back on here later this week to post some pictures of some framed items I just got back from my framer!