Monday, August 30, 2010

Back from the Framer (Picture Heavy).....

I have been a busy girl! Last weekend I ran down to Virginia Beach to pick up some items I had framed! It's nice to have them home. I'll be sharing some of the pictures with you in a moment. I also, started my Quaker Wall. It's in my TV Room at home. We have 10 foot ceilings in that room and I have plenty of space to add some more....On the right hand side of the wall, I am saving space for Needleprint's Beatrix Potter and Ann Trump....These are in verious stages of completeness!

These pictures never show up where I place them....can someone give me a hand on that?

Here is another angle of the wall: I thought the picture would land here, but it's up top....I don't get it!

Anyways, here are some more pictures of some items I have stitched over the years that have just been framed:

Let's try the picture posting thing again.......Now, this was to be Blackbird Designs Summer's up top, go figure!
Before I post anymore pictures...I need to figure this out...I'll be back!


Vonna said...

Such a beautiful "in progress" Quaker wall and your framed pieces are just gorgeous, each and every one!

*if you upload your pictures via the "browse" button on blogger, think of it this way..What you want "first should always be last in line" so go backwards with the sequence you want them to appear on your blog. :)

Karen Alexander said...

I lived in the Richmond area 1979-1983 before we moved on to New Olreans for 7 years. While in Richmond I took up quilting and joined the Virginia Guild of Needlewomen. Both opened a whole new world to me! While in Richmond I helped found a children's division of VGN. I was just wondering how long the guild was able to keep it going over the years?

I'd be glad to give you a few pointers about getting photos in place on your blog. I have learned the hard way thru trial and error. However, Blogspot's new version of its blog posting/formatting makes things a bit easier...Ha!....once you get past the initial learning curve like all tech stuff.

See my Quilt History Reports at From there you can find links to my other quilt history blogs.

Karen Aleander on Lopez Island, WA.

Wingfoot said...

Holly- I love your Quaker samplers! They are gorgeous! I love the look of them, and am especially drawn to Ann Grimshaw! Can you tell me what fibers you used to stitch this? Thanks for showing them to us all together, just perfect!!!