Monday, November 18, 2013

It has been a Month of Sundays!

My fraternal grandmother, Mildred Montjoy "Dolly" Pickles Kelley, was always one to have the cutest of phrases!  Like, "That is fine as Frog Hair", "My hair is blown sixteen ways from Sunday" and one of my favorites, "It's been a month of Sundays since I've seen you!"....Well, it's been a month of Sundays since I have posted here!

I haven't been posting because I have been doing model stitching on a huge will be a while before I finish, but I do have something to share with you today!

On Saturday, my guild, the Virginia Guild of Needlewomen, had a workshop with Susie Gay of Berry Hill Heirlooms.  She taught us a lovely beaded silk ribbon sewing roll up!  I was able to finish it Sunday morning and thought I would post a couple of pictures here:

It was a wonderful day of stitching and I really enjoyed myself!

Happy Stitches,