Monday, February 18, 2013

The Manifesto - Sunday #2

I stitched most of Sunday away on "The Manifesto".  Sunday is the only day I will be stitching on this one.

It takes a toll on my stitching, one day it is!

I am enjoying this.  I am not enjoying how my DMC thread likes to knot!  I think I may have to crack open my Thread Heaven!

Stitching on silk gauze is much like doing needlepoint on a very small scale.

Tell me what you think:)

Happy Stitches,



Krista said...

Looks awesome, Holly! The detail looks so pretty on the gauze. Is it very taxing on the eyes? Would it be like stitching over one on linen do you think? I would love to do it this way but I don't know how my eyes would do it. I think I may have one of those small kits that kreinik offered at one point. I will have to pull it out and give it a look see. Love seeing your progress!

HollyXSing said...

Krista: My eyes get a little tired after working on for most of the day. I generally work on it from 10am through 9pm. I do take frequent breaks for my eyes and stitching hand.

Give it a try. You will like it!


Margaret said...

It's beautiful, Holly!! I love how it's coming out! Krista, I've done 40ct silk gauze -- to me it's easier than 40ct over one. The holes are bigger or something. lol! But I can definitely see it being tiring on the eyes! I'm enjoying seeing your progress, Holly!

Deb said...

Holly, I really love this. I am actually thinking of abandoning my Manifesto and doing this on the 40 count gauze also. I think that it would be a lot easier to do and the piece not so large. I do wonder how you mounted the piece. I know for smaller things my LNS told me to mount it in cardboard, with the stitching area cut out, but is yours on stretcher bars?

llknbillburg said...

I just love the way this looks Holly!
It makes we want to start mine but I have to finish a birthday piece first. Soon though...very soon!

Kathy said...

Holly, your stitching looks fantastic and you are really moving right along!! Great work gal! Just don't go blind in the process...

Evelyne said...

Lovely work and a great progress!
I thought gauze will only be used for doll house embroidery?

Happy stitching, Evelyne