Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Emma Miles 1848 - A Delayed Start

Happy 2013! Wow, 2012 was gone in a flash!

Well, the plan was to start Emma Miles 1848 Sampler today for Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year SAL.  I have the chart and I have the silks.  My only thing left was to pick my linen from my vast stash.....Well, my stash wasn't as vast as I hoped!  I love sitiching on 36 count fabric and I had hope the "right" linen would be in there....I have tons of Lakeside Linen from Theresa's Linen of the month club from years back.  The only problem was all I have is fat quarters and I need a fat half to do Emma on 36 count. 

Plan B, was to find some 40 count that might work.  I could possibley use a fat quarter on 40 count.  Alas, I just didn't have the right color linen I was hoping for.

In the picture below, I have put a light cream color 32 cout linen...I am going to buy a large piece of 36 count light cream colored linen.  I like how that looks. So, I will be shopping for a fat half of Edinborough.

The best laid plans!  I hope this is nto an indication on how my 2013 is going to be;)

Anyways, Happy New Year!  May all your stitches be happy ones!



Margaret said...

Ah well. I've had that happen too. Such a bummer! Hope you find the perfect linen.

Faye said...

I know you will find the right one.... I just love this design!!!!

Siobhán said...

I know you'll find the right linen for Emma! Better that you make the decision to change now than get started & decide to change! (I know that from experience! LOL)

Happy new year!