Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Class at Jeannine's Stitching Seminar

On Friday, I attended Margriet Hogue's (The Essamplaire) Class on the Richmond Sampler at Jeannine's Stitching Seminar in Williamsburg. It was a full day class. We had a wonderful time! I have to put this sampler on the back burner for now, but will revisit it after I complete Margriet's Mary Pierce Sampler!

I will be taking another class at Jeannine's on Tuesday....Sheri Jones' (Patricks Woods) Mermaid Etui! I'm really looking forward to that!

Then, on Friday evening, I'll be teaching my scrimshaw class at Jeannine's. Wish me luck!


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Deb said...

That piece is going to be wonderful when you get to stitching it! I'm so envious that you were able to attend that Seminar! Our Guild is having the Mermaid Erui class too, but I didn't sign up for it. I'll just have to watch for your pictures!