Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's a Wonderful Day for Stitching!

Well, it's been snowing all day today! What's a needleworker to do? STITCH! I have been working on my second letter of the month on the Prairie Schooler ABC Stitching Bee SAL! I've gotten a good bit done today! If I can finish this block this weekend...I will be done with this project until March! I have so many other projects calling me....I just had to get this out of the way!

I've just eaten a wonderful cassoulet that has been in the crock-pot since about 8 am. It was great! It had chicken, shrimp and polska kielbasa in it.....Yum! My stitching buddy, Merry Susan gave me the recipe and I thought it would be perfect for a day like today!

Well, I need to get back to the letter B and the Bud Shoot Out! It's NASCAR Time! I'm not sure if I'm liking Dale, Jr's beard, though! What do you think of it?

Go #31! That's Jeff Burton for those of you who don't follow NASCAR...



Deb said...

I'm glad that you took advantage of the weather and stitched! Your block looks great - I wish you could prod me to finish up my block. It's just been sitting in the corner staring at me!!

Sylvia said...

Yes, snowy weather is perfect for stitching. I see that you have put your smoking needles to good use. Wish I had a crockpot here, but I don't think Germans use this lovely contraption & mine is in storage... oh well.

teresa w said...

Holly your ABCs are looking great ~ I am also working on 25 ct over 1 and it is frustrating me. I don't know why it is going so slow. I was wondering, do you complete each cross before you move to the next or stitch the bottom of each X and then come back to do the top? Any hints for stitching faster? I am about 1/2 done with the letter S but it is so slow for me. Do you use a frame or a QSnap? Thanks
Teresa / IL