Monday, April 7, 2014

Back to Blogging and Manifesto!

I'm back...finally!

I am thrilled to be back stitching on Scarlet Letter's Manifesto!  I have worked on it the last two Sundays.  This is a Sunday only project.  I tend to watch NASCAR  and/or football depending on the time of the year!  With the Texas Motor Speedway race delayed/postoned due to rain, I was forced to  watch reruns of NCIS-Los Angeles.

I was able to get some signifcant number of stitches in and I was able to finally get to that begging dog!

I have also been working on some prim and club projects, too! Below is Nan Lewis' (Threadwork Primitives) "Down Virginia Way".  I am going to stitch this into a mattress picushion!

And lastly, I received and stiched up Dyeing to Stitch's Colonial Gathing Club Piece #2 from The Scarlett House (Tanya Brockmeyer):

I am having so much fun!  What have y'all been up to?

Happy Stitches,



Margaret said...

Everything is gorgeous! Just wonderful! I so need to get back to Manifesto. Sigh. So did you finish the huge model stitching you were doing?? :D

HollyXSing said...

Margaret, I wish I could say I did finish that big model stitch, but I had to return it incomplete (2/3's done). I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and the over one in-hand stitching was going rather too slow for my taste.. I didn't want to hold up the project. So, Margriet was able to find another model stitcher to complete the rest of it. I can to Manifesto quite well because it is on my Lowery Stand and I can do two hand stitching. So, it is back to my regular routine:)

Mary said...

Holly, I'm impressed by anyone who has the nerve and stamina to take on Manifesto - YGG!

Chris said...

Great update Holly! Manifesto is beautiful.

Anne said...

Wow! Manifesto is growing beautifully!! I love your other two pieces too. I've been eying up the last one and thinking about getting it!

Parsley said...

Found you via the prim stitchers facebook group. HELLO!

Parsley said...

Found you via the prim stitchers facebook group. HELLO!