Monday, May 6, 2013

Progress Pic of my Manifesto 5/5/2013

Here are a couple of pictures of my progress on my Manifesto.  I was able to get a bit of filling in done during the Talladega NASCAR rain delay!

Maybe next Sunday, Mother's Day, I can finish up the filling in and turn the page to a new chart:)

Happy Stitches,



Margaret said...

It's beautiful, Holly! Again, I don't understand how you stitch so much in one day. Amazing! Love your red scissors too. Did you get them from the Attic?

Deb said...

I honestly don't know what to say, but your piece is just outstanding. I wish that I could get as much done as you do in a day. It would probably take me a week. I haven't touched mine yet and still might flip over to silk gauze. Time will tell.

Jean said...

Absolutely stunning, an on silk gauze, wow.

Mary said...

Your progress on this is amazing! Such an ambitious project.