Monday, April 15, 2013

See has a Face Lift - Manifesto Progress 4/14/2013

I didn't have much of an opportunity to stitch on Manifesto yesterday, but I was able to give this woeful girl in a red dress a face lift.  I wasn't really happy with the pattern for her face.  She needed a nose job and an eyebrow tweeze!

So, I made her nose more diminutive and a made her eyebrows a bit smaller. Last but not least...I put a smile on her face!

What do you think?

I hope to have more time next Sunday, but we shall see....My husband and I are in the process of decluttering our goes on the market in a few weeks!  Wish me luck!

Happy Stitches,



Margaret said...

Hi Holly, she looks great! I so love watching your progress. It makes me want to pick mine up again. Hopefully soon!

llknbillburg said...

Oh Holly! I hope that doesn't mean you're leaving us! We've been working on our house too but just trying to live with it, not move. Good luck on your house sale. The lady looks good, and I agree, some work was needed!!

HollyXSing said...

No, husband and I are staying right here in Ashland. We will be building a new home with a ground floor master suite. I will have my own sewing it!


Chris said...

She looks happy Holly!
Great progress.