Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lady Jane's Garden Online Class thru Shining Needle

I am in the online class for Jackie duPlessis's Lady Jane's Garden through the Shining Needle Society Yahoo Group!

I have completed the pre-stitching for this class and am looking forward to the finishing section in May!

Since I have completed the pre-stitching, it's time to go back to several other projects that are "in the works". Like.......Elizabeth Mears Sampler, Pam Darney's Richmond Sampler, Essamplaire's Richmond Sampler and Merry Cox's It's a Beautiful Day in Williamsburg.

I also have several projects that are on the finishing pile; Sherri Jones' Blue Ribbon Box, Merry Cox's Americana Needle Case (another Shining Needle Online Class) and Brightneedle's "Goes bump in the night" Needlecase.

I have fully completed my guild's (Virginia Guild of Needlewomen) President's Mystery Project! I will post a picture of that in the near future!

I so wish I was RETIRED! I've got about 13 more years to go!

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