Monday, January 25, 2010

J is for Jack'O Lantern

Well, it's been a busy week! I have things going on in the evening every night this past week and I didn't finish the letter "J" up until last night at the end of the Saints-Vikings Game! Go, Saints!

I also started two new projects this past week and they have been calling me! My guild, Gentle Pursuits EGA (see link on side tool bar) is recreating an Elizabethan Coif for the living enterpretors at Agecroft Hall. I'm working on a sample motif. When I get a little further, I will post a picture.

The other project I started was an embroidered capelet coat for my Bleuette Doll. I want to finish that by Thursday to show my weekly stitching group.

I need to get back to Mary Pierce, as well. Sometimes I wish I didn't work fulltime!

Well, I hope everyone has a productive stitching week!


1 comment:

Deb said...

Your J block is looking great! I wish I'd get going on mine. I still haven't finished up the one I want to have done this month! Looking forward to seeing more progress and also more on Mary Pierce.